Chief Financial Officer

  Finance Office
Dawn Stollenwerk, Chief Financial Officer, QPA
Phone: 609-561-7070 extension 111   Fax: 609-561-3031

The Office of The Chief Financial Officer is responsible for all financial operations within the Township.  The CFO prepares the annual financial statements, annual budget and debt statements.  In Mullica Township, the CFO also oversees purchasing, payroll, grants and insurance.

Ms. Stollenwerk also serves as the Township’s grants coordinator, safety coordinator, and fund commissioner to the Atlantic County Municipal Joint Insurance Fund where she serves at the chair of the Finance Committee.  More information on the ACMJIF is available at

Some Facts About the ACM JIF

PAY TO PLAY INFORMATION: All vendors who provide more than $10,000 annually in services to the Township shall be required to comply with the Township of Mullica Ordinance 9-2011 which establishes limits on political contributions made by individuals or business entities seeking to or perform business with the Township of Mullica.  A statement from the professional business entity or vendor, made under penalty of perjury, that the bidder or offer or has not made a contribution in violation of Section 2 of the Township Ordinance will be required.  A copy of the complete ordinance and form can be obtained by clicking on the links below:

Pay to Play Ordinance                              political contribution certification form

PROOF OF BUSINESS REGISTRATION: N.J.S.A. 52:32-44 requires that each vendor (contractor) doing business with the Township submit proof of business registration. Proof of registration shall be a copy of the vendor’s Business Registration Certificate (BRC). A BRC is obtained from the New Jersey Division of Revenue.  Information on obtaining a BRC is available on the internet at or by phone at (609) 292-1730, or by viewing the following document: vendor business registration instructions



2011 Annual Debt Statement                                                                        2015 Annual Debt Statement

2011 Annual Financial Statement                                                                2015 Annual Financial Statement

2011 Municipal Budget                                                                                   2015 adopted budget

2011 Annual Audit                                                                                           2015 user friendly budget

2012 Municipal Budget                                                                                  2016 introduced budget

2012 annual debt statement                                                                          2016 user friendly budget

2012 AFS                                                                                                            2015 Municipal Audit 

2012 Municipal Audit                                                                                      2016 Annual Financial Statement

2013 adopted budget                                                                                        2016 annual debt statement

2013 annual debt statement                                                                            2017 introduced budget

2013 Annual Financial Statement                                                                  2017 User Friendly Budget

2014 adopted budget                                                                                         2017 adopted budget

2013 Municipal Audit

2014 Annual Financial Statement  

2014 Annual Debt Statement   

2014 Municipal Audit

2016 Municipal Audit