Solid Waste & Recycling/Transfer Station

Solid Waste & Recycling/Transfer Station

Albert Gras, Public Works Superintendent  Phone: 609-561-7070 extension 129  Fax: 609-561-3031 Email:

Transfer Station Hours Saturday & Sunday 8:30 am – 2:00 pm Monday 8:00 – 12:00 pm Orange Stickers for all household trash are required on ALL trash bags, and are available at Town Hall. Bulky Waste Permits are required for the disposal of all bulky items.  This free annual permit allows for six (6) visits of a 1/2 pickup or equivalent each year.  The permit belongs to the PROPERTY and is to  be transferred to any and all new property owners or returned to the Township.  If the card is lost during the year, it is forfeited for the remainder of the year.  NO CONSTRUCTION material is accepted. CONSTRUCTION DEBRIS is not accepted a the transfer station and must be disposed of at the ACUA on Delilah Road in Egg Harbor Township.  (609) 272-6950. PERMITS are required for the disposal of tires and white goods (items containing freeon; freezers, refrigerator, air conditioners).  These permits can be purchased at town hall Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 4:30 pm ($5.00 for white goods / $3.00 for standard sized tires.) WASTE OIL is accepted at the transfer station; maximum 10 quarts per visit METAL items can be disposed of in the metal bin without permits. E-RECYCLING – Electronics such as computers, TVs, VCRs, scanners, printers, faxes, rechargeable batteries are accepted.  TVs will not be accepted if disassembled. Magnum List of Accepted Items 2019 RECYCLING is every other Thursday and the schedule is available at Town Hall or by visiting the ACUA website:  Reycling containers are available by contacting the ACUA at (609) 272-6950.  Atlantic County uses a single stream recycling, sorting and processing system, so all of your recyclables can be placed in the same container.

RECYCLING IS THE LAW!  ALL RESIDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO RECYCLE!  Recycling Requirements can be found in the Township Code:

Commercial Recycing Brochure 2019Residential Recycling Flyer 2019

                MULLICA TOWNSHIP CHIPPING POLICY Household chipping is completed monthly or by notifying Public Works

  • Place brush curbside with butt ends out
  • Only brush 3” in diameter or smaller will be chipped, anything larger must be taken to the Township Transfer Station
  • Place brush in piles no larger than 4’ wide x 4’ high x 8’ in length
  • No logs over 6” x 3’ in length or tree stumps will be chipped or will be accepted at the Township Transfer Station
  • Township will not chip brush or accept brush at the Township Transfer Station that has been produced by a privately contracted service
  • Township will not chip brush or accept brush at the Township Transfer Station that has been generated by lot clearing, including clearing for building additions or accessories
  •  Chipping is provided by and at the discretion of the Public Works Department and was developed as a courtesy for residents to assist with yard clean-up
  • Maximum time allotted per household is 20 minutes

Any questions or to request a pick-up contact the Public Works Department at (609) 561-7070, ext. 129