New Applicants that do not have a firearms id card:

Please come to the station and obtain the Initial firearms application packet, a staff member will assign you a case number that is exclusive to the application. Complete the packet and then contact MorphoTrak to schedule an appointment to have your fingerprints taken. Morphotrak can be contacted by calling: (877) 503-5981 or via the web by visiting: Turn the completed application back into the police department. The application can be turned in at anytime, the officer that processes the applications is: Corporal Jake O’Hara, he can be reached via telephone at: 609-561-7600*126 or via email at:

Cost associated with an Initial firearms permit: $55.45 (payable to Morphotrak, credit cards accepted) plus an additional $5.00 payable to the Mullica Township Police Department.

For initial applicants only: Applicants may apply for a handgun permit at the time of the initial application is submitted at no additional cost except for a $2.00 permit fee for each permit requested. (maximum of three, payable to the Mullica Township Police Department)

Instructions for obtaining a duplicate, change of address, handgun permit:

As of January 2015 all applications for duplicate, change of address, change of name and handgun permits are taken online only. No handwritten application can be accepted. If applicants do not have access to the internet they may visit the Atlantic County Library in Hammonton, or in a worst case scenario, inquire to Ms. Murry at the police department during normal business hours for assistance.

The website for applying for any of the above is:
You will need our O.R.I. number for during the process, it is: NJ0011700

Once on the NJPortal site, click on: “212A” in the lower left corner of the page.
Follow the prompts for demographic and payment information.
After completion of all forms you will receive an email confirmation and receipt that will include a confirmation number. All information will be forwarded to the NJSP and the Mullica Township Police Department. If you require and additional information you can click on the “Help,” tab located on the top right side of the page.

The fee for obtaining a duplicate, change of address or additional handgun permit is $20.00. Payment is made during the application process online. The fee for additional handgun permits is $2.00 payable to the Mullica Township Police Department, (maximum of 3)

Where to shoot:

The Four Cardinal Rules of Firearms Safety

  • All Guns Are LOADED
  • Point the muzzle in a safe direction (Safe meaning “at something you are either willing to destroy OR at something that can effectively stop the round)
  • Keep your finger straight along the frame until you are on target and ready to fire
  • Be sure of your target and what’s behind it

The Four Rules of Professional Firearms Etiquette

  • Don’t accept OR hand a weapon to anyone unless the action is open
  • Don’t lay a weapon anywhere unless the action is open
  • Don’t let the muzzle of any weapon that you handle (or anyone else) cross anyone’s body
  • Whenever you handle a weapon that has been out of your control, verify the condition of the weapon immediately