The Environmental Commission serves in an advisory capacity to the Township Committee, Planning Board and Zoning Board of Adjustment. They review every application for development submitted to the Boards.

The Commission consists of 7 members appointed by the mayor. Each commissioner serves a term of 3 years. Meetings are held the first Monday of each month. For a list of meeting dates for this year, please click here.


Frances Paulsgraf
Barbara Rheault Jack Gravlin, Jr.
Jackie Lugg Jean Gallagher Glen Bartle


Links of Interest
The Native Plant Society of New Jersey



The Rent Review Board is charged with administering and enforcing the Township’s rent control ordinance. The five Board members are appointed by the Township Committee, and must be at least 18 years of age, residents of the Township and must be registered voters.

The Rent Review Board meets only when necessary. For list of scheduled meetings, please click here.


Bernard Graebener Jeremy Kelly Marie Wawrzonkiewicz
Trudy Shivers Bruce Crowe



The Economic Development Commission makes recommendations to the Township Committee in regard to efforts, programs and initiatives which will further the economic well-beings of the township, expand the ratable base, attract new businesses to the township, assist in the rehabilitation and revitalization of existing businesses and otherwise promote prosperity in the township.

The Commission consists of 7 members. One member is the Director of the Department of Development & Housing, the remaining members are residents and/or business owners in the township. Members are appointed by the Mayor with the consent of the Township Committee.

Christopher Silva Ron Lischak Roger Muessig
Edward Hagaman Gary Mazza Mike Carrigan